Come to discover the fabulous Sardinian sea, but feel like being home

alghero sala
The main room with the fresco

ALGHERO AND ITS HISTORICAL HEART, there is no other place like Alghero, its historical center is unique, interlaced of architecture, nature, history and languages ...a discover that never ends. Alghero is full of wonderful sights: the most striking belong the splendid walk that covers the water front surrounding the ancient wall and joining the port, among the way magnificent atmospheres will capture your senses down the roads and the alleys, there you'll find a lots of tipical shops, handicrafts, or café and restaurants, the theatre during the winter time and an open air location for entertainment on the port during the summer time. Life is out, for all the day until late night. A stay in the historical center of Alghero is the best way to make an unusual vacation in Sardinia, this place is the most ancient heart of the isle, here you may discover the secrets of its citizen between carrers and palaces, churches and fortresses. This place is perfect to whom does not like feel isolated but wishes the peace as well, by now far from the big cities. Alghero makes you feel welcome all the year long. The climate is optimal 12 months a year. In the middle season you can go for a walk or discover unforgettable sights by car; during the summer time the charming and fabulous sea of the Sardinia can be enjoyed. The city is situated in the Coral Coast; Capo Caccia is visible from all Alghero and very easy to join.

THE APARTMENT is situated on the second floor of an ancient noble mansion in the most evocative "piazzetta" of the historical center of Alghero, close to the elegant "via Roma", nearest the port and stores, bus stop and taxi. The apartment has been renovated in 2006 and refreshed in 2014, and is not supposed to be made "for the tourists", but we would like to rent it because we are working far from Alghero for many months.

alghero piazzetta from the main windows
The piazzetta, sight from the main windows   |   The evening is animated while the night is very quiet.
alghero piazzetta by day evening and quiet by night
The vicola Adami,

Pleasant, accomodated and comfortable, equipped of all kind of comfort (the television, washing machine, wash crockery, radio, cd-player, Internet connection upon request, ecological electrical heating termowappe for winter, sheets and towels are available (upon request), the apartment is silent and a most luminous one.

An ancient fresco perfectly restored designs all the ceiling of the living room. The renovation and the furnishings follow the contemporary design creating an pleasant contrast.

The apartment is composed from a large main room with an opened kitchen (and two comfortable beds futon), this room points out on the alley Adams and the "piazzetta", a double bedroom which points out on a inner "cortiletto" from which you may look at an ancient bell tower and to the sky, a bath with bathtub and shower.

Comfortable until 4 persons. The beds are futon based on wood, comfortable and healthy. We prefer rent it to at least one week or more, but if necessary we can evaluate a different request.

The apartment can be demanded at any time during the year and the prices are variable according to the season from € 70,00 to € 120,00 per day.

Do not hesitate to send us your personal request we will answer asap :

THE SENSE OF QUIETNESS an apartment offers the space that a hotel does not possess: in order to be in company, with relatives or friends, to be relax, to enjoy a free atmosphere. It is a matter of fact an apartment offers intimate and privacy, in a personal space where one can live with his own rhythms and his own habits.

LUNCH ZONE a large table in stone with base in metal. Most comfortable for suppers with friends, but also perfect to work or to study if needed. The two windows point out on the alley Adams and the piazzetta.

alghero pranzo
The lunch zone with the fresco and the two main windows which open on the piazzetta

FRESCO it is one of the reasons for which we fell in love with the house. It provides a special atmosphere that wraps to you

KITCHEN ZONE a large shelf for the kitchen as well. The plan is colored, sink and kitchen are in steel. Under the shelf you'll find a wash crockery, radio, cd player, washing machine, gas bottle (to Alghero there is not the gas for domestic use like in the city) and much more.

alghero kitchen area
The kitchen zone

BOOKCASE PLUS THE TWO FUTONS IN THE LIVING ROOM from another sight: bookcase, a stand in order to hang the dresses and the two futons: one of the two becomes a comfortable seat or chaise-longue ideal for reading

alghero futon zone relax cosy alghero futon zone relax cosy
The relax zone practical and comfortable at a time

THE ROOM, AND FROM THE ROOM THE BELL TOWER much intimate is the sleeping room, all in white. The bed that goes from wall to wall, is built on wood slats with a futon over it. The wood can be walked in order to put the bed in order. The ceiling is in painted beams of white man wood. It points out on a cortiletto and from the window you may look at the beautiful bell tower of the church of Saint Francisco

alghero campanilealghero dettaglioalghero bagno
the whiteful sleeping zone, the church bell, detail of the sleeping room, the main stairs of the house, the bathroom zone